Toilet Training Educators is committed to keeping informed by best practice research from across the globe. This includes research into learning and brain development and the correlation with toilet training. We’ll keep you updated with links and references right here.

Maternal and Child Health

The Maternal and Child Health Service is often the first port of call for parents concerned about how and when to toilet train their child. Toilet Training Educators supports M&CH nurses by providing a wealth of researched and evidenced based resources, support for parents through information sessions and specialist support for M&CH nurses at professional development sessions. Professional sessions provide the opportunity for individuals cases to be discussed, to focus on this important area with other professionals, including childcare teachers and educators who increasingly find themselves given responsibility for toilet training children in their care.

Early Childhood Teachers and Educators

More and more toilet training is supported and sometimes lead by early childhood teachers and educators. It’s critical that these professional roles act in synergy with parents to ensure that children are receiving a consistent and regular message about the expectations of using the toilet. Keeping it safe and simple for the child.

Early childhood professionals play a critical role in creating a safe environment, building confidence and developing skills for every child. TTE has created this website to provide information, to be a referral site for early childhood educators to parents, to provide a shared platform of knowledge for parents and educators to discuss and plan together and to keep early childhood educators up to date with everything toilet training.

Professional development sessions are included in the event section of the site and can also be organized at the request of an early childhood facility by emailing [email protected]